Media NGOs appeal for the guarantee of transparency in decision making processes

08.07.2013 / Media NGOs noted the authorities' intention to cease the online broadcasting of the Government meetings, which has happened after the approval on July 3, 2013, by the Government of a draft law that does not involve any more an instrument to ensure the public specific of the Government meetings.

The online broadcasting of the Government and Parliament meetings has become a common practice to ensure transparency of the decision making process, that is perceived as a tool for effective communication with citizens by all media outlets and by civil society representatives. The cease of the broadcasting of the Government meetings will change these traditions, which raises some concerns regarding the transparency of the drafting, consultation and decision-making processes.

Therefore, the signatory organizations warn the Government of the Republic of Moldova on the legal obligation to ensure real transparency of decision-making processed by various means available and require ensuring direct and effective communication of the Government members with the media representatives.

Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press
“Access-Info” Center
Moldovan Young Journalists Center
Center for Investigative Journalism

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