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IJC presented the draft law on ensuring transparency of media property

Transparenta media26.04.2013 / On April 26, 2013, the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) organized a roundtable on "Ensuring Transparency of Media ownership by Amending the Broadcasting Code" to publicly debate the draft law for the modification of the Code. The draft law was developed by IJC.

Media NGOs criticize the Liberal Party’s intention to bring back criminal liability for defamation

Media NGOs strongly condemn the recent statements made by Liberal MP Mihai Ghimpu, head of the Liberal Party (LP), after April 4th Parliamentary session.

Open Governance for an Informed and Active Society

12.03.2013. How are the commitments assumed within the Global Partnership for Open Government observed by Republic of Moldova? How effective are the current policies to ensure transparent and accountable governance? What is the process of accessing government data of public interest and how useful are these data for society?

PR specialists from Moldovan courts were trained on communication
Relații cu publicul și mass-media. Întreținerea paginilor WEB11.03.2013 / 47 specialists, handling the PR affairs of local and regional courts across Moldova, participated in the training program “Relations with the Public and Media: Maintenance of a webpage”, between February 26 and March 1. The training was organized by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) in partnership with the National Institute for Justice (NIJ) and supported by USAID funding under the Rule of Law Institutional Strengthening Program (ROLISP).
01.03.2013 / Media NGOs express their concern over the attack against a Pro TV Chişinău reporting team while on duty. On Thursday, February 28, 2013, a reporter and cameraman from this TV station were verbally and physically attacked while preparing a report on a subject of public interest - namely, about the house belonging to a  Court of Appeals judge, Maria Moraru. While trying to approach the owners of the estate, the journalist was pushed and intimidated by the judge's husband, a lawyer, who demanded that the team stop shooting and knocked their camera.
Civic Reporters in Action

Citizen Reporter Moldova25.02.2013 / How can you use your mobile phone to make public problems in the community? How can you make the authorities take action and get involved in solving them?

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