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Media NGOs request the solving of cases of death threat of journalists PDF Print E-mail

17.07.2013 / Media NGOs request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to the General Prosecutor to investigate thoroughly and to elucidate the editorialists reported cases Vasile Nastase and Constantin Cheianu and, if needed, to take all necessary measures to protect the lives and physical integrity of them.

We remind that Vasile Nastase released a public notification to inform state authorities and international institutions that he has been apparently threatened with death by means of a SMS message on July 15, 2013.  Then, Constantin Cheianu told journalists that he had received a similar message. In both cases, journalists believe that there is a connection between the threats and their professional activity.

We believe that the intimidation, threats, violence of the person, persons or other forces which want to reduce to silence journalists and impose censorship must be condemned unconditionally in a rule-of-law state.

Such actions obstruct press freedom and the right to free expression. We urge the rule of law institutions to thoroughly investigate both cases in order to identify who are the authors of the threats and harassment of journalists and those guilty should be punished according to law.

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