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IJC presented the draft law on ensuring transparency of media property PDF Print E-mail

Transparenta media26.04.2013 / On April 26, 2013, the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) organized a roundtable on "Ensuring Transparency of Media ownership by Amending the Broadcasting Code" to publicly debate the draft law for the modification of the Code. The draft law was developed by IJC.

The legal expert Eugeniu Ribca, who has reviewed the IJC draft law, pointed out that the purpose of these changes is to encourage the public authorities to the effective implementation of the legislation on media ownership transparency, referring to the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC).

Marian Pocaznoi, BCC president, expressed support for these proposals, but mentioned that certain technical details still need further clarification, "BCC is in favour of this draft law in order to promote transparency and discourage the concentration in the field of audiovisual. BCC has promoted a similar draft law in 2012 and urges the Parliament to vote the required amendments”.

Chiril Lucinschi, the President of the Parliamentary Commission for Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sport and Media, so as Corina Fusu, the deputy president of the above mentioned Commission, also declare support for the proposed amendments to the Broadcasting Code. "It is good that the initial version of the project was accomplished with additional provisions related to broadcasters' obligation to submit a report to the BCC, which would include information on the ownership / beneficial owners of private broadcasters", said Chiril Lucinschi, mentioning also that the acceptance of these changes is welcome, regardless of how it is going to be done - by amending the current Broadcasting Code or by adopting a new code.

The participants at the public debate finally agreed on the opportunity of conducting additional meetings in the same format, in order to present and discuss the final version of the draft law on the amendment of the Broadcasting Code. The final version will be developed by the experts based on the recommendations received at the IJC-organized roundtable.

The event was organized within the project "Improving the transparency of media ownership in Moldova" with the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
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