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17.05.2013 / On 18 April 2012 Moldova joined the Open Government Partnership, aiming to enhance public access to information, promote transparency in governance, and contribute to combating corruption and to improving citizen participation in government.

To promote these goals, the Moldovan Government has taken several concrete steps, shaped in the approval of the Strategic Program of Technological Modernization of Governance and, subsequently, the Action Plan for Open Government, containing measures aimed at increasing transparency in governance, supporting the active participation of citizens in decision-making and effective management of public resources, and improving the quality of public services. Initially, the Prime Minister issued a decree ordering each ministry to identify on a monthly basis at least 3 sets of data of interest to citizens and businesses, which shall be published on the specialized governmental portal www.date.gov.md. According to the Action Plan for Open Government, a number of sets of public governmental data were to be opened in 2012, and they were thus to become accessible to all citizens.

On the other hand, information and public participation in these processes is poor, for different reasons: the novelty and complexity of issues, deficient communication and information, insufficient understanding of benefits, superficial approaches, inadequate equipment and knowledge of new technologies, administrative reluctance, etc.

To enhance public participation and help strengthen the transparency and accountability of governance, the project “Open Governance for an Informed and Active Society” was launched, being implemented by the Independent Journalism Center in partnership with the Association for Participatory Democracy “ADEPT” and funded by the Soros Foundation-Moldova.

As part of this project, the IJC will train journalists and NGO representatives in using open data so as to produce subjects of public interest. For this purpose, the IJC will contract a foreign expert who will be responsible for conducting 2 training programs that will enhance the capacity of journalists to use open data.

Through these training programs, the IJC will form a group of 20 journalists and experts able to use open data when producing items of public interest.


International expert to conduct 2 training programs for 20 journalists and NGO representatives


  • To conduct 2 training programs focused on the use of open data;
  • To develop a work plan / agenda for each training program;
  • To prepare the informative materials necessary for the training programs.

Expert’s products:

  • Two training programs on the use of open data;
  • Developed abilities to use open data for 20 journalists and NGO representatives.

The agenda will include, without limitation, the following items:


  • What open data are and why they are important;
  • The role of open data in the promotion of open governance;
  • What is journalism based on open data;
  • Key elements of the journalism based on open data;
  • Why journalists should use open data;
  • Case studies.

Terms for the presentation of the products:

  • The first training program will take place in June, and the second – in October 2013;
  • The agenda and informative materials shall be presented to the IJC at least one week prior to the date of the first training program.

Requirements and qualification:

  • University degree in journalism, social sciences or other relevant fields;
  • Proven knowledge and experience in the field of expertise;
  • Good knowledge of the Open Government Partnership framework and agenda
    http://www.opengovpartnership.org );
  • Trainer experience;
  • Personal reputation and integrity.

The interested persons shall submit:

  • An updated CV;
  • File or informative note on the candidate’s relevant experience;
  • Other relevant documents.

The files shall be sent before May 30, 2013 to igrejdeanuATijcDODmd

For further information please contact Ina Grejdeanu at the IJC Training Department, telephone number +373 22 213 652.


The Independent Journalism Center (www.ijc.md) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides assistance to journalists and media outlets in the Republic of Moldova. The IJC mission is to facilitate the development of an informed society by strengthening a free and viable press, including new media, by means of projects that provide education in journalism and public relations, advocacy media campaigns, research, media literacy, and non-profit journalistic products.

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