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SEENPM Subproject:

Labor Relations and Media
Analyzing the patterns of labor relations in the media of SEENPM-member countries
The project aims to evaluate the observance of labor laws in the media sector of SEENPM member countries, identify problems in the way labor laws are applied to the so-called “typical” and “atypical” employees, propose solutions for the problems identified, and share the best practices throughout the region.

The following target groups have been identified:

  • fully-employed staff of TV and radio stations, newspapers, news agencies, online publications etc,
  • freelancers working for various media organizations,* managers of news outlets,
  • trade union representatives,
  • media NGOs,
  • media regulators.
The project was launched in March 2007, and has been coordinated by the Independent Journalism Center-Moldova. The SEENPM centers participating in its implementation are: Albanian Media Institute (Albania); Center for Independent Journalism (Hungary); Center for Independent Journalism (Romania); International Center for Education of Journalists (Croatia); Macedonian Institute for Media (Macedonia); Media Center (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Media Center (Serbia); Media Development Center (Bulgaria); Montenegro Media Institute (Montenegro); and Peace Institute (Slovenia).
In-depth studies involving extensive primary and secondary research have been carried out by the following country reporters:
  • Boljkovac-Borkovic Marinka, secretary, Trade Union of Croatian Journalists, Zagreb;
  • Danov Danail, program director, Media Development Center, Sofia;
  • Hodzic Sanela, research assistant, Mediacenter, Sarajevo;
  • Jurancic Iztok, president, Union of Slovenian Journalists, Ljubljana;
  • Komnenic Petar, journalist, Independent Weekly Monitor, Podgorica;
  • Kozul Dejan, journalist and media researcher, Independent Journalists Association of Serbia (IJAS) and Kujundzic Lidija, president, Union of Serbian Journalists - Union of NIN, Belgrade;
  • Londo Ilda, research coordinator, Albanian Media Institute, Tirana;
  • Marciuc Alexei, director, Informational Policy Institute, Chisinau;
  • Mihis Mihaela, lawyer and legal researcher, Bucharest;
  • Misev Vladimir, executive director, Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis,” Skopje;
  • Toth Borbala, media researcher, Center for Independent Journalism, Budapest.

A regional overview outlining major tendencies and challenges throughout the region has been prepared by:

  • Nahtigal Neva, media and labor relations analyst, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Country reports focus on the legislation regulating labor relations in the media in the respective countries, the implementation of the legislation in practice (including the current status of typical and atypical workers in the media field), censorship and self-censorship as an effect of labor relations, as well as the existence and effectiveness of journalists’ trade unions. An important part of the reports are “conclusions and recommendations,” which include general evaluation of the state of the labor relations in the SEENPM member countries, as well as proposals to the major stakeholders in view of improving the situation. 

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